Russia: Trade & Export Finance 2018

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In the current turbulent economic conditions, professionals more than ever need to know about the capabilities and plans of their partners and peers; to keep an eye on the latest market tendencies; and to be fully aware of the industry’s development.


The forthcoming conference «Russia: Trade & Export Finance 2018 », which will take place in Moscow on 25th and 26th of January 2018, offers its participants from international and local banks, trading companies, corporations, insurance companies, international finance institutions and  state organisations, an unprecedented platform for communication and current trade finance issue discussions.


The conference will present a clear picture of the current changes in the trade finance arena; highlight the newest trends in development.  Armed with this information, our delegates will be able to plan their future strategy in the region with more confidence and react to market challenges quicker and more effectively than their competitors.


In the programme:

  • Traditional discussion with representatives from 12 ECAs – this time in “Round Table” format
  • Russian banking sector structure and development in 2017 – prospects and expectations for 2018.
  • Assessment of current trade finance market condition in Russia – what changes in trade flow have occurred in 2016?
  • Analysing quality and capacity of current TF & PF portfolio in banks – what development scenarios are possible?
  • Trade-related Compliance – Current status and outlook
  • Blockchaine  technology for trade finance
  • Corporate aspect: client and exporter position – risks and priorities in the current market


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  • Тема / theme: Economic overview and impact of the current situa?on on trade & export finance
  • Описание / description: PAVEL SAMIEV General Director BUSINESSDROM, Managing Director NATIONAL RATING AGENCY
  • Размер / Size: 4.6 MiB

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  • Тема / theme: Blockchain in factoring project development
  • Описание / description: EVGENIY ESKIN Head of Financial Ins@tu@ons M-VIDEO
  • Размер / Size: 366.5 KiB

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  • Тема / theme: EXIAR: Supporting trade and project finance
  • Описание / description: NIKITA GUSAKOV Member of the Board, Managing Director EXIAR Russia
  • Размер / Size: 4.7 MiB

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  • Описание / description: IGOR OSTREYKO Managing Director Trade & Export Finance VTB
  • Размер / Size: 727.9 KiB

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  • Тема / theme: Role of factoring in the modern trade finance
  • Описание / description: MIKHAIL TREYVISH Founder & CEO OMNIGRADE and CEO RE:FACTOR
  • Размер / Size: 107.7 KiB

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  • Тема / theme: ECA FINANCE AT A GLANCE
  • Описание / description: Daria Kuzmicheva, Managing Director Export & Agency Finance Trade and Export Finance, VTB Bank
  • Размер / Size: 844.2 KiB

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  • Тема / theme: Compliance issues for banks, using TF instruments
  • Описание / description: NATALIA MAKAROVA Policy Manager Banking Commission ICC RUSSIA
  • Размер / Size: 1.3 MiB

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  • Тема / theme: Blockchain for organising a trade finance chain
  • Описание / description: OLGA RINK General Director INTERFAX DUN AND BRADSTREET
  • Размер / Size: 1.4 MiB


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