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This conference examines problems and difficulties, which banks and corporates are facing when structuring trade finance deals in the current economic situation.

Vital discussions, social gatherings and personal meetings at this conference provide all the participants with solutions to their practical needs, strengthen business connections between Belarussian and international professionals from CIS, Western and Eastern business circles and help to find new reliable business partners.

The conference features the Traditional ECA Club discussion with participants from many export-credit agencies from around the world.

Also there will be a new discussion with corporate sector representatives.

The conference is chaired by Mr Rudolf Putz, Head of TFP, EBRD




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  • Тема / theme: Belorussian banking sector
  • Описание / description: Dmitry Lapko, Deputy Chairman of the Board, National Bank of Republic of Belarus
  • Размер / Size: 377.9 KiB

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  • Тема / theme: Trade, Finance and Economic Value- Creation: Exploring the Opportunities for the Region
  • Описание / description: Thierry Seneschal, Managing Director, Finance for Impact
  • Размер / Size: 21.9 MiB

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  • Тема / theme: EBRD: Insight into SME finance
  • Описание / description: Jahan Shamsiev, Principal Banker, EBRD
  • Размер / Size: 4.8 MiB

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  • Тема / theme: Trade and structured finance in the Republic of Belarus. Challenges and opportunities
  • Описание / description: Victor Perepelitsa, Executive Director, Belarusbank
  • Размер / Size: 1.5 MiB

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  • Тема / theme: Import-Export projects: geographical trends, beneficiaries' information disclosure, technological innovations
  • Описание / description: Olga Rink, General Director, Interfax Dan & Bradstreet
  • Размер / Size: 3.3 MiB

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  • Тема / theme: VTB: Trade & Export Finance business over the world
  • Описание / description: Igor Ostreyko, Managing Director, Trade & Export finance, VTB
  • Размер / Size: 2.7 MiB

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  • Тема / theme: Eurasian development bank on regional financial markets
  • Описание / description: Madina Kasymbayeva, Deputy Head, Financial Institutions, Eurasian Development Bank
  • Размер / Size: 2.5 MiB

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  • Тема / theme: Trade Finance: Challenges and Prospects in Armenian Market
  • Описание / description: Innesa Amirbekyan, Head of International Operations and Trade Finance, Anelik Bank
  • Размер / Size: 1.7 MiB

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  • Тема / theme: TRADE FINANCE: What the Customer Wants
  • Описание / description: Oleg Korob'in, Deputy Chairman, Bank BelVeb
  • Размер / Size: 1.7 MiB

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  • Тема / theme: Trade Finance with Belarus and Eurasian Economic Union countries from the perspective of a German bank
  • Описание / description: Piotr Napolski, Vice President, Structured Finance Division, DZ Bank AG
  • Размер / Size: 1.4 MiB

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